Forage and Markets Mid August 2020

Forage: With grass growth at a stand still until the arrival of the thunder storms and rain. Quality seems to be remaining high which should allow for cost effective milk production where there is enough grass cover. People looking to take 3rd or 4th cuts of silage, the later in the year the more important a quality additive such as F1 Evo silage additive is to produce quality forage and to reduce dry matter losses, protein and heating.

For those that are in the south with early varieties of Maize harvest might be less than a month away, and the use of a quality additive especially designed for forage maize such as F1 Ice Gold to reduce dry matter losses, reduce heating and waste inclamp and at feedout.

Forage Market Update 13th August 2020

Catch crops of forage rape and stubble turnips can be sown straight into the stubbles for that extra winter forage or it’s a good time for a grass reseed especially if a short term ley with red clover is to be drilled as this will allow the red clover to establish before the cooler months arrive.



Sterling has fallen against the $ and the Euro

£/euro 1.10/strong>
£/$ 1.23


Soyameal prices have fallen a slight amount with some farmers taking some cover for the winter.


The markets generally flat as the harvest proceeds across Europe.


Wheat prices have eased back a few pounds exfarm narrowing the gap between wheat and barley.

Barley prices holding firm.

Ex-farm grain prices

Sept Nov May 21
Wheat £159 £161 £166
Barley £125 £126 £133
OSR £341