F1 Ice Gold – The Complete Maize Silage & Wholecrop Treatment

A hard-working, versatile forage additive.

F1 Ice Gold is the first choice additive for ensiling maize, wholecrop and drier grass crops.

F1 Ice Gold is a dual action silage additive containing bacteria and feed grade salt preservatives for use in challenging conditions.

The combination of bacteria and preservatives enhance forage quality by limiting spoilage from yeasts and moulds.

Preserve True Protein

Rapid drop in pH prevents protein degradation.

Increased Intakes

Palatability of forage is increased.

Prevent Mould Growth

Massive reduction in spoilage due to yeast and mould growth.

Better Nutrition

Increased usable energy and less dry matter loss.


To maximise silage energy and true protein the homolactic bacteria drop pH rapidly and efficiently to a stable level.

F1 Ice Gold contains highly competitive bacteria strains which complete fermentation in 2-3 days resulting in:

  • Reduction in True protein breakdown.
  • Ammonia production is reduced.
  • Intakes are increased.
  • Preserves energy and protein.
  • Reduces Dry Matter loss.
  • Controls clamp stability.

Feed Grade Preservatives

Applying the recommended volume of feed grade preservatives covers the forage in a matrix of salts.

  • Prevents spoilage due to mould and yeast growth.
  • Reduces effects of soil born bacteria such as Listeria and Clostridia.
  • Increases clamp stability.
  • Reduces clamp heating.

F1 Ice Gold is the perfect silage treatment for preserving forages. Enhancing the quality of the forage is crucial to producing a more nutritional feed.

Usage Instructions

  1. Remove sachet of bacteria and bag of preservative salts.
  2. Half-fill three buckets with clean water.
  3. Stir in the 10Kg bag of salts, mix until dissolved.
  4. Add to drum and make up to 200 litres with clean water.
  5. Separately mix the sachet of bacteria in a small quantity of water and add to the drum. (This procedure should only be done immediately before use to maximise the shelf life of the product.)
  6. Apply at 2 litres per tonne of forage.