HJ LEA Oakes Organic Beef and Sheep

Organic Calf, Lamb and Rearer Pellets

  • Highly palatable 4mm pellet 18% crude protein.
  • Consistently high energy and protein levels with excellent levels of dietary fibre.
  • High wheat, soya and lucerne inclusion.
  • Optimum level of starch and sugars to encourage early intakes and promote rumen development.
  • Typically levels of 33% starch and sugar per kilo of dry matter.

Organic Beef, Lamb and Rearer Nut

  • Highly palatable 17% crude protein 6mm nut.
  • Well balanced for energy, protein and fibre.
  • Excellent starch and sugar levels from organic wheat and oatfeed to maximize early growth and encourage feed intake.
  • Typical values of 33% starch and sugar per kilo of dry matter.
  • Additional options to include a trace element pack, Orego-Stim (essential oil) and/or ActiSaf yeast in youngstock feed is available.

Organic Allrounder

  • 18% or 16% crude protein.
  • Designed where a single organic feed is required for cattle and sheep.
  • The preferred choice for ewe feeding.
  • Contains 0.4% Mag so not suitable for lambs.
  • Organic Allrounder 18 available as a 6mm nut of 12mm roll.