F1 Ignition – A palatable energising drink for fresh calvers

What is F1 Ignition?

F1 Ignition is a fundamentally essential product for all fresh calved cows.

The physical expansion of the rumen to take up the space left by the foetal calf gives two key benefits:

  1. Dramatic reduction in cases of displaced abomasum to the top of the body cavity after calving.
  2. The enlarged rumen immediately stimulates an improved appetite. This has a highly significant effect on reducing negative energy balance in the fresh-calved cow. This has a major benefit in reducing the need for the cow to mobilise quite so much body condition. In turn this reduction in stress leads to a much improved conception rate.

The provision of extra soluable calcium and phosphorus in F1 Ignition allows the animal to reduce the threat from milk fever. Whilst we cannot claim that it is a cure for this condition F1 Ignition will, in most cases eliminate the threat.

Rumen-Filling Drink

F1 Ignition is a highly palatable rumen filling drink, helping to reduce cases of displaced abomasum.

High Energy

F1 Ignition uses a high-energy whey base, allowing for a rapid recovery post-calving.

Fortified with Minerals

F1 Ignition contains a dose of Protected Choline for enhanced liver function. F1 Ignition is rich in Calcium & Phosphorus, helping to reduce Milk Fever instances, as well as a Vitamin Complex.

F1 Yeast!

F1 Ignition contains a large dose of F1 Yeast. F1 Yeast has a beneficial effect on rumen micro-flora population and double dosing around calving has been shown to increase overall productivity.

The Key Benefits of Using F1 Ignition

F1 Ignition is a top-selling product for TBA Ltd for a reason:

  • Active rumen expansion
  • Energising formula aiding rapid recovery post-calving
  • Much improved TMR intakes
  • Ultimate fertility responses
  • Rapid returm to full appetite

F1 Yeast in F1 Ignition

A single dose of F1 Ignition contains four times the normal daily recommended dose of F1 Yeast. F1 Yeast has a beneficial effect on ruimen micro-flora population from the outset. It is well known that double-dosing F1 Yeast in the close up dry period and the fresher group gives a genuine increase in overall productivity.

Protected Choline in F1 Ignition

F1 Ignition features the addition of a double dose of protected choline. The choice of protected choline that we use is Sta-Chol. This product is double protected and double coated. This valuable source of choline has been proven to enhance liver function by removing excess fat deposits from the liver. We recommend that this dose forms part of a more general program of feeding protected choline to the close up and fresher groups by using F1 De-Tox.

The Key Features of F1 Ignition

  • A highly palatable rumen-filling drink
  • Very high energy Whey base
  • Contains Calcium Propionate
  • A boosting dose of Protected Choline
  • Soluble Calcium, Phosphorus and a Vitamin Complex
  • Contains a large dose of F1 Yeast
  • Available in 15Kg buckets

Why Should You Give F1 Ignition to Your Fresh Calvers

Giving the cow a dose or two of F1 Ignition within five to ten minutes of her calving will speed up her recovery. Cows that stand and cleanse quickly also tend to be better mothers and also return to the feed trough more rapidly. Offering this palatable drink will increase appetite response from the very start of lactation.

This one act has major long-term benefits.

Suggested Feeding Rate

1 Kg of F1 Ignition mixed into 2 litres of hot(65°C) water, mixed, and then made up to 20 litres with cool water. 2 doses can be given for improved effect!