Mycotoxins have been shown to reduce feed intake, damage gut integrity and cause poor fertility and each of these issues can be a major cost to producers. Identifying and addressing these hidden challenges is very important and with the Alltech 37+® test, mycotoxins can’t remain hidden for long.

The Alltech 37+® mycotoxin analysis test is the cornerstone of our mycotoxin control program and between Alltech’s labs in Lexington Kentucky and Dunboyne Ireland, Alltech have run over 24,000 samples, each searching for over 50 mycotoxins in animal feed.

Alltech 37+® test results provide a realistic picture of feed contaminants in feed ingredients or TMRs to speed up the process of diagnosis, suggest effective remediation and help move toward an effective mycotoxin control plan.

To understand how Alltech test feed materials, take a look at the video below: