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F1 Novatan – Novatan improves rumen function and increases bypass protein

Natural: F1 Novatan improves protein valorisation of the diet in a novel manner.

Novatan is a blend of natural active ingredients with a specific action in the rumen to optimise protein release and rumen function. Novatan is targeting the proteolytic bacteria in the rumen and more specifically the hyper ammonia producer.

More milk protein
Less ammonia production and more intestinal protein.

Increased intestinal protein
Increases quantity of intestinal protein by up to 35%.

Reduction of ammonia production in milk
Reduces ammonia production by up to 40%.

Reduction of urea concentration in milk
F1 Novatan increases the quantity of bypass protein.

Control of metabolic disorders
Improved digestive function and digestive comfort.

Product Benefits

Effective and Recognised

F1 Novatan benefits from all of the expertise of Techna in terms of essential oils for ruminants. It acts to increase intestinal protein and to optimise rumen function. F1 Novatan has been acclaimed by users in many countries.


  • More milk and more protein.
  • Reduction of urea concentration in the milk.
  • Control of metabolic disorders.

It benefits from:

  • An evaluation of the active principles conducted in collaboration with INRA.
  • Expertise mastered by Techna for over 15 years.
  • An INPI patent.


What is it?

A blend of essentials oils that have a targeted action to reduce proteolytic bacteria in the rumen.

Novatan reduces protein breakdown in the rumen meaning more protein is bypassed and utilised in the intestines – protein efficiency is improved.

Why Use F1 Novatan?

F1 Novatan ensures improved use of proteins of all the diet by limiting waste in the form of ammonia.
The quantity of intestinal protein is greater thereby:

  • Enhancing milk yield of up to1.2 Litres.
  • Increase milk protein yield.
  • Reduce carbon footprint.
  • Reduced ERDP by between 5% and 8% in favour of microbial protein.
  • Reduces blood urea loading which can help to improve conception rate

Proven Profitability

In The Diet

F1 Novatan acts on all the components of the diet, even on the forages. Numerous trials have proven it: tested in different types of diet, F1 Novatan significantly improves the performances of dairy cows (1.5 liter on average) and helps to control metabolic disorders.

More milk and more protein with F1 Novatan (litres):

In The Feed

When used to optimise the formulation, F1 Novatan is the ideal solution for obtaining top-quality feeds at a lower cost.

  • Consequence: improved profitability.

At Grass

Excess of dietary protein and specifically highly degradable protein (RDP) causing a high level of circulating ammonia and urea.

Protein use is not efficient and high levels of circulating ammonia and urea effects production and fertility.

F1 Novatan improves protein use at grass, reduces circulating ammonia – urea – and has a positive effect on production and fertility.

A large-scale trial conducted in different farm contexts in the South West of England saw an average improvement of 10% in conception rates.

On those farms, the other benefits observed were:

  • Reduction of Milk urea level
  • Yield response
  • Protein in milk
  • 10% Improvement in Conception rates on farms in the South West of England

Environmental Performance

NOVATAN improves protein digestibility and utilisation by targeting specific bacteria in the rumen. Improving protein efficiency reduces protein waste:

  • Reduced excreted nitrogen (N) per litre milk, which can lead to lower manure N2O emissions.

Urea level is reduced by 10% and protein efficiency was improved by 8% with NOVATAN

Feeding F1 Novatan

There is a great body of evidence supporting the negative effects of high blood and milk urea saturation caused primarily by the absorption of ammonia through the rumen wall into the blood stream.

This is made worse when the diet is supplemented with high concentrations of ERDP (effective rumen degradable protein)(fermentable protein) from sources like spring grass and rapeseed meal.

This can be offset by buffer feeding a low protein rumen conditioning balancing feed mix.

In the mid 1980’s Professor David Leaver published work from trials at the Crichton college farm near Dumfries, showing the benefits of slowing the passage of feeds through the rumen using chopped old low protein hay and molasses.

Since then we have seen that low protein high fibre forages like Whole Crop, Maize silage and straw are great ingredients to buffer feeding.

If the dietary protein levels cannot be offset by enough or no buffer feed it is important to adopt the following strategy.

Feed a low protein compound feed in the parlour / robot.

Feed an inclusion of F1 Novatan, This product is proven to improve protein utilisation and reduce the urea loading thereby:

  • Enhancing milk yield (Meta-analysis = 1.2 Litres).
  • Increase milk protein yield.
  • Reduce carbon footprint.
  • Reduced ERDP by between 5% and 8% in favour of microbial protein.
  • Improve fertility (up to 10%) by reducing blood urea loading.

Usage Instructions & Advice

Available in powder form, F1 Novatan can be used by incorporating it into feed, after optimisation of the formulation or ration, or by top feeding.


F1 Novatan has proven to improve protein utilisation and reduce the urea loading thereby:

  • Protein efficiency has been shown to improve by 8%
  • Ureal level reduced by 10%
  • Enhancing milk yield by 1.2 Litres on average
  • Increase milk protein yield.
  • Reduce carbon footprint.
  • Reduced blood urea loading which can improve conception rates of up to 10%

F1 Natural Novatan is the organic version of F1 Novatan.

Gain all of the benefits of F1 Novatan, but with a fully organic-approved formula. F1 Natural Novatan uses an organic wheat feed base.