F1 Elevator – A palatable high-energy supplement for close-up and fresh calvers

What is F1 Elevator?

While most close-up calving compounds are designed to supply most of the key nutrients in the three weeks leading up to calving, there is one role that they can only partially fulfill.

The close-up calving cow suffers from lack of appetite at a moment in her cycle when she needs a high energy supply to nurture the foetus and fuel the act of calving. This Negative Energy Balance (N.E.B.) often causes serious stress-related conditions around and just after calving.

F1 Elevator is a specially designed, highly palatable blend of high-energy liquid feeds that can be fed to close up dry cows and fresh calvers to combat the problem of Negative Energy Balance.

Very High Energy

Monopropylene Glycol (M.P.G.) and Glycerol gives a rapid energy boost to calvers when they need it the most.

Combat Negative Energy Balance

Avoiding Negative Energy Balance to reduce post calving metabolic diseases such as Ketosis and improve fertility rates.

Improved Intakes

F1 Elevator will help boost post-calving intake levels, helping milk production as well as liver function.

Easy To Use

F1 Elevator is ideal for those who are using liquid feed dispensers used by robotic milkers, and out-of-parlour feeders (or top dressed using a watering can!).

The Key Benefits of Using F1 Elevator

F1 Elevator is a highly recommended product for transition management by stimulating liver function. It offers several important benefits:

  • Effective Negative Energy Balance (N.E.B.) solution
  • Improved T.M.R. intakes
  • Improved fertility
  • Increased milk production
  • Reduced post-calving metabolic diseases i.e. Ketosis, Fatty Liver

Monopropylene Glycol

One approach to solving the Negative Energy Balance problem is to feed Monopropylene Glycol (M.P.G.). However M.P.G. is a very bitter liquid and as such lacks palatability.
This is very important because there is little point in feeding a high-energy supplement if the advantage is over-ruled by further reduced intakes.

F1 Elevator solves this problem because of it’s much improved palatability through it’s sweetness and flavour, compared to M.P.G.


Glycerol is another energy precursor, neither Glycerol or Monopropylene Glycol are rumen-available, so they are safe to feed where acidosis may be a risk. Glycerol is intensely sweet but has no flavour.

Mixing Glycerol with M.P.G. produces a bland but very high energy liquid supplement. The key to the success of F1 Elevator lies in the very special flavouring blend we have added (this is currently only available under the F1 Elevator label).

The Key Features of F1 Elevator

  • Very high energy rumen bypass sugar precursors
  • Easy to use liquid feed
  • Unique powerful flavouring
  • Rich in Monopropylene Glycol and Glycerol
  • Available in 1000 litre IBCs

Why Do You Need F1 Elevator?

There is an increasing need for this technology because modern genetics and long term breeding programs have produced dairy cows that are very different to and more productive than cows of even 20 years ago!

Our dairy cows are expected to be super efficient. As a result of this we need to cater for the modern cows potential by getting the fine tuning right.

F1 Elevator is an important and necessary step down this line. The difference in the way cows respond; giving more milk, having better conception rates and dealing with related stress diseases is significant.

Suggested Feeding Program for Transition & Fresh Calved Cows

The close-up period is critical in determining the success of both calving and the coming lactation.

The mian priorities of nutrition are to avoid the symptoms of Ketosis, clinical and sub-clinical milk fever, and to encourage a good immune response post-calving. Post calving diets should be well balanced and palatable.

The key tasks are as follows:

  • Maintain a physically large rumen by feeding a palatable bulky & dense ration!
  • Keep a stable microbe population, feeding some of the high-yield group TMR both pre and post-calving.
  • Where the forage (silage/grass) is high in potassium you will need to restrict the amount fed to 3 or 4 KG of dry matter per cow per day (around 10-12 KG fresh-weight), pre-calving.
  • Feeding Optomega Plus has been shown to significantly improve conception rates.
  • Feed around 300ml of F1 Elevator to bridge the energy gap.
  • Feeding F1 Yeast helps with microbe population efficiency and transition from the dry cow diet to the production diet.