F1 Yeast – Maximise Dairy Farming Feed Efficiency

Adding specially formulated yeast cultures to your TMR dairy cow ration has many benefits.

It is well proven that incorporating live yeast in dairy diets can help increase intakes and promote milk yields. However, the strain and concentration of the yeast culture are the key to success of the yeast in improved rumen function and animal performance.

F1 Yeast is a convenient farm pack that has been formulated with a high concentration of yeast culture. In order to ensure good product dispersion within a dairy diet yeast must be incorporated into the ration via a ‘carrier’ so that every kilo of diet contains a balanced level of yeast. However in order to ensure that F1 Yeast remains a highly cost effective way of feeding live yeast within the diet the product has been formulated with a higher that normal concentration of yeast, allowing lower inclusion levels within the diet and less ‘carrier’.

Concentrated Live Formula

A highly concentrated formulation of EU registered live yeast culture.

Improved Digestibility

Live yeast will scavenge for oxygen in the rumen, creating a favourable anaerobic environment.


Supports cellulolytic bacteria, which are fibre-degrading.


Balances VFA production for a more favourable acetate-proportionate ratio.

The Key Benefits of Feeding F1 Yeast

There are many reasons why you should consider feeding F1 Yeast as part of your ration:

  • Helps stabilise rumen pH
  • Promotes increased dry matter intakes
  • Optimises dietary fibre digestion
  • Promotes improved milk yield
  • Promotes milk quality

The Effect of Yeast on the Rumen Environment

Feeding live yeast has the benefit of boosting VFA (volatile fatty acid) production, with the dose of yeast climbing quite high before returns begin to diminish.

Feeding Yeast Boosts Cellulolytic Bacteria

Yeast encourages the development of beneficial cellulolytic bacteria in the rumen.

(Professor J. Newbold et al, 1996)

The Key Features of F1 Yeast

For those thinking of adding a live yeast supplement to your ration or diet, F1 Yeast, available from TBA Ltd or Lakeland Scottish Feeds & Services is the most progressive version on today’s market in the UK.

  • A highly concentrated formulation of live yeast
  • Live yeast will scavenge for oxygen in the rumen, creating a favourable anaerobic environment
  • Supports cellulolytic bacteria, which are fibre-degrading
  • Balances VFA production for a more favourable acetate-proportionate ratio
  • Wheat flour base
  • Carrier suitable for both lactating and dry cows

More Milk!

YEA-SACC drives milk production up by 1.7 litres

More Efficiency!

YEA-SACC drives efficiency up by 6%

No Compromise on Fertility!

YEA-SACC contributes to up to 5-7 days less open days

The Driver of Rumen Efficiency

The standard feeding rate is recommended at 25 grams per head per day, due to the high concentration of yeast culture within F1 Yeast.

However, the secret to optimal performance is precision feeding. The feeding rate of F1 Yeast should be calculated based on the dry matter intake of the animal. Yeast promotes cow performance by improving the utilisation of the diet within the rumen. Therefore the higher the intake of the animal, the higher the supplementation of yeast should be, in order to maximise feeding benefits.

Average Dry Matter IntakeFeeding Rate of F1 Yeast

F1 Natural Yeast is the organic version of F1 Yeast.

Gain all of the benefits of F1 Yeast, but with a fully organic-approved formula. F1 Natural Yeast uses an organic wheat flour carrier.