MawerLac CS (Calcium Soap)

MawerLac CS is a traditional rumen protected fat of calcium salts of palm fatty acids.

A coarse, light brown granular product, MawerLac CS is a great supplement for dairy cows to increase energy in early lactation.

Analytical Values:

Dry Matter96.5%
ME33.3 MJ/kg DM

Typical Fatty Acid Composition:

C18:2 & 35%


  • Increase milk yield.
  • Improve body condition and fertility.
  • Rumen protected, avoiding the adverse affects of liquid oils on fibre digestion.
  • Free flowing meal for easier dispersion into the ration.
  • Non GM.

Packaging and Usage:

250 – 750 g / cow / day depending on performance.

MawerLac CS is available in 25kg bags and tote bags and shelf life is 365 days from date of manufacture.

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