Hygienic and Economical

  • Carbonates and oxides of lime improves hygiene, which leads to healthier livestock therefore increasing yields and profitability.
  • Effectively controls E coli and aids prevention of mastitis and digital dermatitis.
  • Nadins Hydramix is a highly alkaline (pH12) and absorbent free flowing powder, improving the environment for both livestock and stockmen.
  • Provides a non-slip surface, thereby reducing the risk of injury to livestock.

Versatile and Safe

  • It won’t burn, so is safe to use as a single bedding material. It can be used on all types of housing surfaces, mixed with sawdust, shavings or straw for loose housing.
  • Can be disposed of straight into slurry. Nadins Hydramix will provide an improvement in slurry quality as the pH is raised and acidic effluents are neutralised.
  • Multiple applications – use Nadins Hydramix in cow cubicles, poultry and stock sheds, to lime small paddocks and for horticultural applications.

Convenient and Easy

  • Packaged in convenient 25kg damp proof polythene bags or one tonne bags.
  • Available throughout the UK.
  • Easy to use. Apply as required, ideal for manual or mechanical application with low dust levels.