Who are Yara?

Yara is a Norwegian based company which converts energy, natural minerals and nitrogen into the full range of crop nutrition products and a wide range of industrial applications.

Today, Yara retains its global position as a leading provider of nitrogen based mineral fertilisers and industrial products. The company is the global leader in ammonia, nitrates and specialty fertilisers.

It is the only Company in the UK able to supply the full range of plant nutrient products including – as solid dry applied products via theYaraMila, YaraBela and YaraLiva product families – as clear solution liquid Yara Chafer liquids – and as foliar, fertigation and micro-nutrient YaraVita products – and others.

With continuous operations in more than 50 countries and sales in 150 countries, Yara enjoys a unique position in the world’s fertiliser and industrial market. Together with world-scale plants manufacturing mineral fertilisers Yara’s activities today range from phosphate mining and ammonia/urea production, to commodity trade and highly specialised agriculture and industrial products. The production and sales are based on deep global insight and local market knowledge.

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Compound NPKS fertilisers – YaraMila

A range of true uniform compound npk fertilisers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and in most cases sulphur in each granule or prill, assuring accurate and even distribution of all nutrients.

Compound fertilisers with each nutrient contained in every granule or prill

YaraMila NPK fertilisers contain combinations of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and in most cases sulphur too – the most essential plant nutrients – designed to meet specific crop requirements to maximize crop yield and quality.

YaraMila Fertilizers

Fertiliser with extended phosphate supply

YaraMila NPK fertilisers all contain P-Extend which provides an extended supply of phosphate to ensure it is available when required by the crop.

Flexible nutrient combinations

  • No nutrient segregation – All nutrients are contained in every prill or granule so there can be no risk of nutrient segregation during shipping, handling or spreading.
  • Even nutrient application – All nutrients are applied evenly to the whole crop avoiding uneven application and yield losses.
  • Range of nutrient ratios – A wide range of N:P:K + S ratios and availability of formulas with secondary and micronutrients ensure there is a YaraMila fertilisers for all crop situations.
  • Sulphur included – Almost all formulations now include sulphur ensuring balanced fertilisation without the need for an additional sulphur fertiliser.
  • Additional nutrients – ManyYaraMila fertilisers also contain micronutrients essential for specific crops. These may include boron, iron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc and/or selenium.

Efficient nutrient sources

  • Balanced nitrogen source – Nitrogen is present at 40-45% as nitrate-N and 55-60% as ammonium-N, depending on the production process and the specific formula.
  • Fast nitrogen uptake – High nitrate-N content ensures a quick response to nitrogen, while the ammonium-N is important to keep a sustained delivery of nitrogen.
  • Available phosphate – Phosphorus is fully plant available, as water soluble ortho- and polyphosphates and ammonium citrate soluble di-calcium phosphate. The combination of different forms give greater and a longer lasting availability of phosphorus to crops.
  • Alternative potassium sources – Potassium is included as MOP (Muriate of Potash – potassium chloride) or SOP (Sulphate of Potash -potassium sulphate). Products based on SOP are specially for crops with low chloride tolerance whilst MOP based products are suitable for all other crops.


16-15-15 + 6.5 SO3 – Granular fertiliser often used for grassland, winter cereals and oilseed rape to supply phosphate and potash together with nitrogen and sulphur.

YaraMila Actyva S


27-5-5 + 6% SO3 – Compound granular fertiliser with sulphur in ideal ratio for grazed or mown swards to get the grass off to a good start early in the season.

YaraMila Extragrass

YaraMila 52 S

20.6-8.2-11.6 +6.5%SO3 – Compound NPKS fertiliser containing Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash and Sulphur suitable for all crops.

YaraMila 52 S


25-5-5 +5% SO3 + Na and Se – A compound prilled NPKS fertiliser containing selenate for use on grassland to supplement selenium levels.

YaraMila Stock Booster© S


20-4.5-14.5 + 7.5% SO3 + Na and Se – A granular compound NPKS fertiliser containing selenate for use on grassland to supplement selenium levels.

YaraMila Silage Booster


22-4-14 + 7.5% SO3 – Compound fertiliser for arable and grass crops where sulphur is required.

YaraMila Sulphurcut


24-0-13 +5% SO3 – Compound fertiliser suitable for high phosphate, low potash soils deficient in sulphur.

YaraMila NK Sulphur


14-14-21 – Compound granular fertiliser ideal for potato crops where sulphur is not required.

YaraMila Maincrop


12-11-18 + 20% SO3 – Prilled NPK fertiliser which also contains magnesium and sulphur as well as micronutrients ideal for use on a wide range of arable and horticultural crops.

YaraMila Complex


15-9-20 + 9.5% SO3 + 1.8% MgO Compound field grade NPK fertiliser based on 35% SOP and 65% MOP for use on a wide range of horticultural crops.

YaraMila Grower