scientifically designed to support optimum health fertility and performance in transition cows

What is F1 activate 21?

A unique supplement designed to prepare & support transition cows through calving and into milk. Activate 21 has been developed using latest feed additive research to create a unique product that supports the health, fertility and performance of transition cows.

Activate 21 is an additive supplement designed to be fed to transition cows from pre-calving to post-calving to supply everything they need for a healthy and productive transition into milk production. Activate 21 has been developed based on scientific research looking at how the combination of rumen protected methionine, niacin and choline plus biotin provide an all-in-one package to support a cow’s health, fertility and performance needs.

Performance Benefits of Activate 21

  • 0.5kg more dry matter intake before calving
  • Average 1-1.5kg more dry matter intake post-calving in the first 30 days
  • 2kg more milk through the first half of lactation
  • Better milk protein in early lactation
  • More colostrum and better quality

Health Benefits of Activate 21

  • Less fat mobilisation before calving (NEFA blocker)
  • Better liver function & less ketosis
  • Better immunity, less infammation
  • Better blood flow, therefore less heat stress
  • Better egg quality supporting fertility
  • More blood glucose

Rumen Protected Methionine

Better immunity, liver function and uterine recovery.

Rumen Protected Niacin

Improves liver function and prevents ketosis and fatty liver.

Rumen Protected Choline

With methionine and niacin combination, more effective liver efficiency.


Supports good early milk production and better foot health.

why do i need to feed methionine around calving?

Methionine enhances VLDL (very-low-densitylipoprotein) production which exports fat from the liver. Therefore methionine enhances liver function and reduces the risk of ketosis, displaced abomasums and retained placentas:

Cows (3 trials)8580
Displaced abomasum115
Retained placenta1512

why do I need to feed niacin around calving?

Niacin helps the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Feeding niacin helps to reduce the risk of metabolic problems while enhancing milk production potential. Supplementing Niacin has its greatest effect in over-conditioned cows, cows with lower feed intakes, or very high yielding cows. Rumen Protected Niacin fed pre-calving and for 21 days post-calving. All data average of 21 days.

ControlRP Niacin
DMI (pre-calving)11.6412.97
DMI (post-calving)14.8918.11
Milk fat %3.743.17
Milk protein %3.613.58
Milk protein yield (kg)1.281.49
Milk fat yield (kg)1.351.33

why do i need to feed choline around calving?

Choline is essential to reduce the fat burden on the liver. Pre-calving, blood fat levels (NEFA’s) increase, impeding the liver. This exaggerates the energy gap and results in issues such as reduced milk yields, poor health and ketosis. Feeding rumen protected choline improves liver function, reducing fatty liver and the incidence of energy related disorders.

Feeding Guide

Feed 100g per cow per day in the close-up period. Mix into dry cow mix.