24 March 2020


Ration Formulation

TBA offer a bespoke ration formulation service using Ultramix, the UK’s leading nutritional software.

We are able to create diets for high yielding dairy cows through to dry cows. Our work is based on the latest research and understanding of feeding ruminants, this service is supported by a number of our other services.

Ration Formulation

Feed and Mineral Analysis

Working closely with the leading UK laboratories, TBA offer a full forage feed and mineral analysis. In order to formulate diets and minerals it is crucial to understand the properties of the feed as every farm is different!

Often forgotten, we also offer a water mineral analysis service. It is important when formulating minerals to know the levels already being consumed.

Forage Analysis

Manure Analysis

The manure sieving process allows us to understand how efficiently the cows are digesting the feed they are consuming. With margins becoming tighter on farms it is imperative that the cost of feeding the cow is being utilised fully.

Manure Analysis

TMR Analysis

TMR is the most common way to feed UK dairy herds these days. Whilst it is critical to ensure the diet is formulated correctly it is also important to check the structure of the TMR as the foundations must be correct in order to build.

The Penn State Separator allows us to measure the distribution of feed and forage particles within your TMR.

TMR Analysis

Dairy Costing Service

Working in partnership with Kingshay, TBA can provide you with a full costing service for your herd. This service allows you to track your herd’s individual performance but also allows you to benchmark yourself against other similar systems.

Dairy costings service

Footbath Design

Working closely with Zinpro, a world leading mineral nutrition company, TBA can provide you with the FirstStep approach to creating and managing an effective footbath.

An effective footbath is crucial in controlling infectious diseases such as digital dermatitis.

Download Footbath PDF

Creating and managing an effective footbath

Mycotoxin Testing

Mycotoxins are natural substances produced by moulds. Over 500 mycotoxins have been identified and this number is steadily increasing. Find out more about our products for testing for and combating Mycotoxins!

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Transition Management System (TMS)

Transition Management System (TMS) has been developed to help you analyse your farm’s transition cows, providing detailed data on dry and fresh cows, enabling you to make informed decisions and management changes to deal with issues around this vital period.

If you want to increase the profitability of your business through the reduction of transition costs, you should be using TMS – speak to us today for more information.

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Transition Management System (TMS)

The F1 Dairy Blueprint

The F1 Dairy Blue Print is quite unique; it is the product of the best of dairy farming nutrition and management practise from some of the most successful dairy units in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and North America today.

The blueprint is constantly updated as best practices develop.