RumenSmart™ – Improve rumen performance, create a better environment for rumen microflora to thrive.

What is RumenSmart™?

Rumensmart is a novel feed additive to increase milk fat containing HMBTa.

  • A concentrated source of HMTBa (84%)
  • For use in dry applications
  • (HMTBa is the hydroxy analogue of methionine)

Increased Milk Fat

RumenSmart™ stabilizes rumen microbial populations, orienting the biohydrogenation pathway to promote fat production.

Better Rumen Health

Promote beneficial rumen microflora populations.

Increased Rumen Efficiency

Decrease diet-induced milk fat depression.

Easy To Use

RumenSmart™ is a fine granular powder with superior flow characteristics.

Feed For Rumen Performance

Cost effectiveness:
+0.2% milk fat @ 2.44£/kg
= 17 pence/head/day
at 35 kg of milk/cow/day

Feed to Avoid Milk Fat Depression

Diet-induced milk fat depression (MFD) causes milk fat yields to drop without lowering milk volume or protein percent. All cows are likely to experience a degree of MFD. High-producing cows are the most severely impacted, Baldin et al. (2017). With milk fat depression, the milk fat percent can fall below 3%, reducing income from milk fat by 25%.

Dietary and environmental factors such as rations high in unsaturated fats and starch increase the risk of formation of the compounds that inhibit milk fat synthesis. RumenSmart™ mitigates accumulation of these compounds, notably the fatty acid, trans-10, cis-12 CLA.

Baldin et al. (2017). JDS 101: 1-10

Feed for Milk Fat Production

Cost of Milk Fat Depression

Minus 0.3% unit of milk fat @ 2.44£/kg

= minus 7.32£ per 1000l of milk**

** value of fat only. Does not take account of penalties/bonuses for quality

Baldin et al. (2017 JDS 101:1-10) showed clearly that cows fed diets conducive to developing moderate-to-high milk fat depression better withstood the challenge with HMTBa added to the diet.

Benefits of Feeding HMTBa:

  • Maximizes milk fat production
  • Mitigates diet-induced milk fat depression
  • Lowers trans-10, cis-12 CLA levels
  • Maintains de novo fatty acids synthesis
  • Enhances rumen microbial protein production

Handling Ease

RumenSmart™ is a fine granular powder with superior flow characteristics. The homogeneity of RumenSmart™ insures excellent distribution in dairy rations.

Feed Rate

30g or as advised by your TBA specialist.