24 March 2020

Transition Cow Rolls


•  Oil 4.5%  •  Protein – 25.5%  •  Fibre – 7%  •  Ash – 10%
TYPICAL INGREDIENTS: Soya Ext., Protected Rape Meal, Wheatfeed, Wheat, Palm Kernel Expeller, Molasses, Vitamin Premix, Prairie Meal, Magnesium Oxide, High Fibre Oat By-Product, Ammonium Chloride, Sudium Chloride, Vegetable Oil Blend, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Chloride.
Vitamin A: 60’000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3: 15’000 IU/kg
Vitamin E: 700 IU/kg
Vitamin B12: 200 mcg/kg
Selenium: 1.9 mg/kg
Magnesium: 1.5%
Protected Metionine: 10’000 mg/kg
Evidence shows that dry cows supplemented with protected methionine have:

  • Increased milk yields, by 3.4%
  • Increased milk protein percentage, by 0.18% units
  • Increased energy-corrected milk, by 3.9kg/day
  • Increased milk fat yield by 0.18kg/day
  • Reduced incidence rate of ketosis after calving
  • Improved immune function


12mm Diameter Roll

Launched a year ago, this 12mm diameter roll is (in our opinion) “state of the art” for transition cow nutrition.

Massive levels of vitamins combined with extremely high quality proteins and a negative DCAB balance help maintain a healthy cow before and after calving.

Transition Cow Rolls

Based on work by J.S. Osorio, P. Ji, J.K. Drackley, D. Luchini and J.J. Loor (J. Dairy Sci. 96: 6248-6263)

Features and Benefits

  • 3kg fed gives over 2000 IU of Vitamin E per day to support the immune function.
  • High Protein Diet to support neonatal growth.
  • Low Potassium and High Magnesium to help combat milk fever.
  • Very high quality DUP from Soya and Prairie Meal.
  • Contains Availa Zinc – proven to improve hoof integrity, reduce somatic cell count and increase milk yields.
  • Contains Protected Amino Acids.
  • Includes Biotin – long term benefits for hoof health and locomotion score.
  • Very low DCAD.
Transition Cow Rolls


  • Feed at 1-3kg per head / per day during the dry cow period.
  • Stop feeding after calving.
  • Suitable for dairy cows and maiden heifers.
  • Feed alongside quality forage as a complementary feed.