Total Organics

Total Organics is a specialist division of TBA which is dedicated to providing a comprehensive portfolio to Organic Farming.

Our Mission

Total Organics are committed to working with Organic Farmers across the whole of the UK, to bring the most innovative products & solutions to the UK Organic Market. We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of ruminant nutrition by readily adapting up to date research into our products and services, designed to keep our customers ahead of the rest.

Performance Feed Supplements

Designed to maximise organic herd performance.

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Calf Nutrition

Investing in the future of your organic herd by ensuring your calves get the best start in life.

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Forage Additives

Preserve your silage and forage crops.

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Organic seeds for your farm.

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Compound Feeds

Our ranges of organic compound feeds.

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Blends and Straights

We can source organic blends and straight feeds for your herd.

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Cubicle sanitisers and footbath products.

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Feed Additives

Everyday organic feed additives.

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Rationing, formulations, costings, analysis and footbath design.

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