Forage and Markets Update – June 2020 #2


With the welcome rain in most areas and with unsettled weather for this week grass growth rates will start to pick up. With moisture now in the soil and if fertiliser has not been applied then now would be a good time to maximise this damp weather.

Forage Market Report June 2020 #2

If you have started feeding silage to help with the shortage of grazed grass then it would be a good idea to get it tested so that the ration can be balanced.



Sterling ended the week as it started against the Euro and the $

£/euro 1.122 £/$ 1.26


There has been a slight move in the price of soya beans upwards which will see an increase in meal.


The market for maize has restarted in the US as the requirement for ethanol is slowly returning to normal. This will help with many of the related feed products supply.

Wheat and Barley are generally being controlled by the effects of the weather here in the UK and Europe but also in areas of Russia.
Ex-farm grain prices

Spot Harvest Nov
Wheat £162 £157 £163
Barley £125 £127 £129
OSR     £317 £317 £329