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Welcome to TBA Ltd

Established in 1995, TBA Ltd are an independent, innovative company providing nutritional and supply solutions to UK Agriculture.

Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive advice and solutions to help your herd achieve optimum yields and performance. Our work is fully supported through trusted relationships with world leading experts and research.

Performance Feed Supplements

Designed to maximise herd performance.

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Calf Nutrition

Investing in the future of your herd by ensuring your calves get the best start in life.

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Transition Products

Products optimised for transition cows.

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Forage Additives

Preserve silage and forage crops.

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Performance grass, maize, root crop and countryside stewardship seeds.

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A range of fertilisers.

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Compound, Blends & Straights

A comprehensive range of feeds, blends and straights for every purpose.

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Cubicle sanitisers and footbath products.

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Feed Additives

Everyday feed additives.

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Rationing, formulations, costings, analysis and footbath design.

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