Butterfat Extra is an extremely high quality protected fat; allowing increased butterfat percentage and milk yield so you can maximise the milk solids output on your farm.

Depending on the stage of lactation and level of feeding, using C16 fats may typically result in an increase in butterfat of up to 0.4% and an increased milk yield by up to 1.5 litres/cow/day.

  • Extremely high energy content.
  • Very high in C16 fatty acids.
  • Drives butterfat production in the udder.
  • Improves milk yield.

Protected from rumen degradation

  • Extremely high melting point.
  • Will not interfere with fibre digestion in the rumen.
  • Energy is delivered to the small intestine where it is used very efficiently.

High Digestibility

  • High rate of feed conversion efficiency.

High Palatability

  • Unlike other protected fats it does not depress feed intakes

Feeding Rate:

Lactating cows – 200-500 g/head/day

Butterfat Extra