22 April 2020

TBA Minerals

TBA Ltd has a range of cost-effective mineral supplements designed to suit a wide range of farm systems. In our experience most farms have a different approach to their livestock farming enterprises. In many cases there is a need for a good, cost effective supplement to supply a basic level of mineral nutrition to ensure against the fundamental challenges presented by mineral deficiencies. The TBA portfolio has been designed to effectively cover this basic requirement.

Many farms require a customised mineral supplement. This is usually due to farm-specific forage analyses. TBA Ltd will correlate and balance according to the production targets set on each farm. The resulting bespoke mineral supplement will be uniquely suited to the client’s system.

Ca P Mg Salt Vit A Vit D3 Vit E Vit B12 Co Mn Cu Zn I Se
% % % % 000’s iu/Kg 000’s iu/Kg 000’s iu/Kg 000’s iu/Kg Mg/Kg Mg/Kg Mg/Kg Mg/Kg Mg/Kg Mg/Kg
Target Dairy * balance 4 5 25 300 100 4 3750 60 5000 1500 6000 400 25
TBA Commercial balance 4 5 25 300 80 6.5 2500 40 4000 1500 4000 400 35
TBA Mainline Dry Cow * 7 7 16 500 120 6.5 4000 90 6000 1500 8000 400 25
Target Young Stock balance 6 6 25 300 80 2.5 2500 75 5000 1500 6500 300 25
TBA Grower Finisher 27.8 4 25 250 60 0.4 40 3000 1000 3500 150 25

Target Dairy (IF) *

Originally introduced in 1999 as Mainline Dairy mineral this supplement is a good all round straightforward dairy mineral.

The mineral is fully specified but does not contain any protected sources of trace elements other than Selenium. (part of 25)

We would advise the use of F1 branded minerals for high production dairy cows but for cows where a simple base mineral will suffice, Target Dairy is a good and economic choice.

Feeding Rates: –

Dairy Cows 150-200g (5-7oz)/day
Beef Cows 100-150g (3-5oz)/day

TBA Commercial Dairy (IF)

A straightforward traditional dairy mineral with no frills & no Selplex 50 Just Selenite.

Feeding Rates: –

Dairy Cows 150-200g (5-7oz)/day
Beef Cows 100-150g (3-5oz)/day

TBA Mainline Dry Cow * (IF)

Successfully introduced in 2004 as a good but more commercial version of the ultra-high quality F1 Dry Cow Build up mineral; this is a less highly specified but excellent mineral capable of delivering good results on all but the highest genetic merit cows. Selenium is partially organic (part of 25).

Feeding Rates: –

Dairy Cows 150-200g (5-7oz)/day
Beef Cows 100-150g (3-5oz)/day

Target Young Stock (FA)

Introduced in 1999 as Mainline Youngstock mineral this supplement is a good all-round supplement for growing heifers. Whilst it has been designed to a lower cost supplement, we have taken care to supply a high Phosphorous level to allow optimum frame development and added Vitamin B12 to aid growth targets.

Feeding Rates: –

Dairy Heifers 75-150g (3-5oz)/day
Beef heifers 75-150g (3-5oz)/day

TBA Grower Finisher (FA)

This supplement has been developed for situations where both male (steers) and female calves are reared together and destined for the meat markets.

The level of magnesium is critical for male animals because if fed to excess there will usually be a development of urinary calculi, a condition that can be fatal.

Conversely, heifers need reasonable amounts of magnesium to prevent bone loss and grass staggers (Hypomagnesaemia).

We have opted for a trace magnesium level, but this can be increased if requested.

This is a basic supplement and whilst it will provide an adequate level of cover for beef animals, we would recommend the Target Young Stock mineral for breeding heifers.

Feeding Rates: –

Beef bulls, steers and heifers 75-150g (3-5oz)/day

* Contains protected Selenium

** Contains Availamins (Contains 6mg/Kg Availa Selenium)

FA Free access minerals contain waterproofing, spice & molasses.

IF = In Feed mineral

Bespoke Mineral Formulation and Supply

Note:- At TBA Ltd we can formulate any mineral to suit your needs, so if none of these are what you are looking for, just pick up the phone and give us a call!

We are proud of the work we have done to bring these supplements to the marketplace in the UK and we are confident that any users of these products will not be disappointed.