Compound Feeds

TBA offer a range of High Starch or High Digestible Fibre mineralised dairy compounds ranging from 14-24% protein. These diets have been formulated from high quality ingredients to improve yields and milk quality whilst optimising herd health.

As well as our standard products we can also formulate bespoke diets including mineral and supplements.

Our dairy compounds can fed can as a supplement to forage or with out of parlour feeders and for use within robotic milking.

We can also supply compounds for beef and sheep.

Compound feeds
Feed mill


We can formulate blends from a wide range of high-quality raw materials sourced from around the world. Blends offer the flexibility of feeding straights but have the requirement for only one storage area which makes them extremely practical product. Whether you are looking for high energy or high protein we have a solution to fit every need.

Within our blend range we can incorporate a range of supplements such as yeast, minerals, mycotoxin binders and buffers.

We have access to protected forms of protein and bypass starch sources which can add value to your blend.

Straight Feeds

Straight Feeds are a traded commodity, at TBA we keep a keen eye on the market in order to provide you with the best pricing and availability of all feed straights whether they be protein or energy products. We offer spot and contract based buying options.

Straights price change daily so please speak with us directly to discuss your requirements.

Straight feeds - ship unloading at dock