Molasses and Molasses Blends

Extracted from raw sugar, molasses is one of the most economical and palatable sources of fermentable energy, making it a valuable ingredient in dairy, beef and sheep rations.

Surprisingly for a liquid feed it is also high in dry matter – 74% in the case of standard molasses, which means it offers excellent nutrient density.

Using modern blending technology, ED&F Man Liquid Products is also able to combine molasses with other liquid feeds to reduce viscosity or increase protein levels.

The result is a choice of products offering the ideal combination of energy, protein, viscosity and price for any situation.

To support the use of molasses on-farm, ED&F Man Liquid Products provides a range of flexible services:

  • Storage – available in bulk tanks of 12/20/24/30 tonne capacity with optional stand, extended fill line and fittings.
    • Speedy tank deliveries.
    • Minimal set-up costs.
    • New tanks at cost price.
    • Free advice on location and equipment.
  • Feeding – a range of unique free-access feeders to supplement grazing or for winter rations. Available in 35, 95 and 250 litre sizes for cattle and sheep.
  • Extensive nutritional advice and information on how molassesbased feeds will fit your system, from our FAR registered Commercial Managers.
    • 1 litre of standard cane molasses = 1.4kg (approx). Blends will vary.
    • 1 tonne of molasses = 714 litres (157 gallons).
    • Contact us for more specific information.
Cows eating TMR with molasses
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Molasses drip

Typical analysis (dry matter basis)
ProductDry Matter (%)Total Sugars (%)ME (MJ/kg)Crude Protein (%)Description
Standard Molasses746412.76.5Cane/’blackstrap’ molasses. A natural product of sugar processing, pure molasses is the most cost effective source of sugars available on farm. Rich in sugars and essential vitamins and minerals, it is also high in dry matter and helps bind feeds, eliminating dust and reducing wastage. Suitable for all classes of livestock, it assists the breakdown of fibre and enhances utilisation of non-protein-nitrogen by stimulating rumen bacteria.
Economol706412.76.5A less viscous product with all the benefits of standard molasses which is easily handled on farm. Suitable for all livestock and for feeding in mixer wagons, forage boxes, poured over forage or supplied free-access.
Stockmol 20705612.510*Blended from cane molasses and liquid co products to give a rich source of sugars, protein and organic matter. Lower viscosity ensures easy handling in cold conditions and the thorough absorption to promote dry matter intakes of all forages and mixed rations. Suitable for all feeding systems.
Molmax65451211.5*Contains a higher proportion of liquid co products to give a very low viscosity molasses blend ideal for de-dusting and binding home mixes. Palatable and economic, it offers excellent cold weather handling.
MarMOLade643812.416.0Liquid co products mixed with cane molasses and regulated release protein to produce a balanced blend that will make the home mix more palatable. Palatability is further enhanced by the addition of a specific citrus flavour.
Molale604213.216.0Provides the palatability and energy of molasses, balanced with protein from food, liquid and distillers co products as well as regulated release proteins. Repeatedly shown to improve the intake and digestibility of forage, it is easy to handle and store even at low temperatures and can ease respiratory problems by reducing dust levels. Suitable for all feeding systems. Not recommended for feeding sheep.
StiMOLator603012.218.0StiMOLator is a high energy blend of molasses, liquid co products and regulated release protein that will produce a highly cost-effective liquid option for use with buffer feeding and full winter rations. StiMOLator will stimulate dry matter intakes and improve rumen fermentation and can be used to reduce dust in a TMR wagon.
Potblack604412.323.5Cane molasses, liquid co products and regulated release proteins blended together to produce a free flowing high protein liquid which can be used in either a TMR or for de-dusting home mixes, and runs freely in even the coldest conditions. A cost effective method of supplying added protein and sugars to rations that are low in protein such as straw and fermented whole crop. An excellent low cost feed for dairy, beef cows and sheep.


Unlock the potential of your fibre

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Fibre is key to ruminant diets representing at least 50% of the dry matter intake for most feeding programs. Improving overall fibre digestion can lead to major improvements in animal performance and financial returns. Vista Pre-T has been shown to:

  • Improve fibre digestion.
  • Improve feed conversion.
  • Reduce the reliance on high cost concentrates.
  • Derive more value from silage (up to +0.8Mj/KgDM.)
  • Works in synergy with molasses based liquids.
Vista Pre-T cow at grass

Vista Pre-T improves fibre digestion by quickly creating pits in the fibre surface, allowing improved microbial attachment and better microbial access to speed up and allow more extensive fibre digestion.

Molasses based liquid feeds have been proven to stimulate microbial activity, increase the microbial population and improve overall rumen fermentation.

Together they can significantly improve rumen function.

Vista Pre-T can be added to any of ED&F Man’s Bulk liquid product at a level to suit the molasses feeding rate.

Benefits:Increases silage ME by up to 0.8Mj/KgDM
Results:Increased milk yield +1.1ltr
Increased live weight gain +0.13Kg/day
Vista Pre-T cow eating TMR

Help protect the nutritional value of your ration. The value of a TMR can reduce quickly due to secondary fermentation. This is when microbes, which are present in the feed, grow rapidly and start to ferment the feed before the livestock have had time to consume the feed. Secondary fermentation results in feed heating, distinct off odours and deterioration in feed quality. The end result is reduced feed intake, reduced animal performance and increased feed wastage.

Fresh-Guard Ration Conditioner


  • Reduces heating.
  • Reduces microbial growth.
  • Improves ration condition.
  • Improves Dry Matter Intake (DMI).

Adding Fresh-Guard to the diet has been proven to reduce ration heating (fig 1), reduce Microbial growth (fig 2), which leads to increased DMI and better performance.

By using Fresh-Guard, secondary fermentation can be significantly reduced, resulting in:

  • Better performance.
  • Improved milk yield.
  • Higher Daily Live Weight Gain (DLWG).
  • Reduced feed wastage.
  • Increased profitability.


The Problem:

Secondary fermentation (aerobic spoilage) can start as soon as a ration is prepared. The first signs are the ration heating, which can also be accompanied by distinct off odours. Maize silage and moist feeds can be particularly susceptible to secondary fermentation.
The most digestible and most valuable nutrients are lost first (sugars / amino acids etc.). The result is a less valuable ration that is less attractive to livestock, which equals reduced performance.

The Solution:

Fresh-Guard as a cost effective solution and can be added to any bulk blend.

  • Simple and easy to use.
  • No ration changes required.
  • No extra products need to be added on farm.

Delivery size options: 5mt to 29mt

Fresh-Guard Figure 1
Fresh-Guard Figure 2


Molasses based liquid products offer a range of unique benefits.

Whether you require energy, protein or both, ED&F Man Liquid Products have a product to suit all feeding situations, from straight cane molasses to high protein regulated release products. Whatever product you choose you will need a storage solution – ED&F Man Liquid Products want to make this as simple as possible.

Molasses Tanks – The Benefits

  • Makes liquid molasses products the easiest to use on the farm.
  • Simple to use, no complicated pumps or electrics required.
  • Eases handling and eliminates drums and IBC’s Minimal set-up costs i.e. a concrete base.
  • New tanks at cost price – no hidden mark up No finance cost – interest paid by ED&F Man (conditional on 40mt + consumption annually).
  • Tank is paid off over / up-to 2 years in convenient monthly payments by standing order subject to the purchase of an ED&F Man product throughout the period of the Agreement.
  • Immediate VAT invoice.
  • Free professional advice on tank location and equipment.
ED&F Man Molasses Tank

How it works:

When you confirm your tank order in writing, the manufacturer will then supply the tank, stand, valves and fittings directly to you.

For those who want to take advantage of the many benefits of molasses based liquid products, but don’t have the storage facilities, ED&F Man has developed an interest free tank purchasing scheme.

Already used to purchase hundreds of tanks across the country, the scheme allows you to buy a new tank at cost price with no up front costs.

All you need to do is build a concrete base in an accessible site to suit the tank size you require.
We will then supply the tank, stand (10ft), valves and fittings to your premises ready for you to assemble.

Once the tank is delivered, it is paid for in manageable monthly payments spread over a period of up to 2 years, minimum payment £125 per month.

Trial a storage tank – FOR FREE!

If you are thinking of using molasses for the first time, and you want to see if it works for you and your stock, then ED&F Man offer a 2 month free tank trial scheme.

In ED&F Man’s tank trial scheme, a fully-equipped storage tank is delivered on-farm for two months, and you only pay for the product. During this time, the beneficial effects of using ED&F Man’s molasses products can be assessed. After the two month trial period, you can purchase the tank outright, or spread the payments using ED&F Man’s interest free finance scheme. In the unlikely event of seeing no benefits, the tank can be returned at no cost, except that of the product purchased.

These high level tanks are convenient to use, and allow more cost-effective bulk purchases to be made.

Offer may be withdrawn at any time and is subject to terms and conditions.

Product Benefits

Using a molasses based liquid feed offers a range of unique nutritional benefits:

  • Stimulates dry matter intake (DMI).
  • Improves palatability.
  • Achieve recommended sugar levels.
  • Reduce dust.
  • Low substitution rate.
  • Range of products.
  • Reduces ration sorting.
  • Maximises milk quality.

Tank Sizes

Nominal Tank size*Dimensions
GallonsLitresSteel Thickness
12t2.74 x 1.83 x 1.839 x 6 x 6200091003mm
20t2.5 x 2.5 x 2.58.25 x 8.25 x 8.253000156004mm
24t3.05 x 2.5 x 2.510 x 8.25 x 8.254000190004mm
30t3.7 x 2.5 x 2.512 x 8.25 x 8.255000231004mm / 5mm

Tanks are also available without stands and associated fittings.
* Basis typical molasses product – please check before ordering.
** Dimensions may vary between manufacturers.