A UK First

F1 ProSecure 1 and 2 are a combination of live yeast and refined hydrolysed yeast that:

  • Raises rumen pH, generating better rumen function
  • Improves nutrient digestion
  • Reduces the risk of acidosis
  • Improves animal performance
  • Active in the rumen and hind gut

It is most beneficial when fed to lactating and transition cows from 30 days pre-calving.

Features & Benefits

100% yeast product – a combination of live and hydrolysed yeast

Rumen specific yeast – for optimum rumen health

Fast proteolytic activity – increased MCP production

Oxygen scavenging – enabling better digestion

Amino/fatty acid profile – beneficial within the rumen and hind gut

Why Use a Live Yeast?

A rumen specific strain of live yeast will scavenge oxygen from the rumen environment, creating a favourable anaerobic environment. This will increase the population of fibre and lactate utilising bacteria within the rumen.

Note: The live yeast strain that we have selected has a huge set of internationally recognised trial data to endorse its status as the best choice

What is Hydrolysed Yeast?

Hydrolysis is the gentle processing method to preserve nutrients and ensure high nutrient availability in the product. The high availability of these bio-active components alter rumen fermentation to improve nutrient digestion, reduce the risk of acidosis and improve animal performance.

Hydrolysed yeast will increase proteolytic activity and quicken MCP production.

F1 ProSecure has a unique preparation most suited to both rumen and hind gut fermentation. This action improves nutrient absorption throughout the gut.

The Benefits of a Combined Yeast Package

  1. Improved milk yields/growth rate
  2. Improved feed conversion efficiency
  3. Increased level of microbial protein
  4. Thermally stable within TMR
  5. 3 x increase in fibre digesting bacteria
  6. Increase in lactate utilising bacteria
  7. Stabilising rumen pH towards neutral for optimum fermentation
  8. Improved DMI
  9. Improved gut health, therefore stronger immune status
  10. Beneficial in periods of heat stress

Feeding Rates

F1 ProSecure 1 contains 1g of live yeast. F1 ProSecure 2 contains 2g of live yeast.

Feed from 30 days pre-calving into lactation

The standard feeding rate is recommended at 25g per head per day, due to the high concentration of yeast culture within F1 ProSecure.

However, the secret to optimal performance is precision feeding. The feeding rate of F1 ProSecure should be calculated based on dry matter intake of the animal. Yeast promotes cow performance by improving the utilisation of the diet within the rumen. Therefore the higher the intake of the animal, the higher the supplementation of yeast should be to maximise the feeding benefits.

Suggested Feeding Rates