Quality home grown forage is the key to performance and profitability. A fast, controlled fermentation using F1 Sprint in silage leads to maximum preservation of protein quality and nutritional value. The combination of teo homofermentative bacteria in F1 Sprint dominate the fermentation process in grass silage to drop the pH fast. Fast fermentation is the key to reduced competition for nutrients and inhibits spoilage organisms.

Dual bacteria strains work together to drop the pH of silage more quickly than single strain products. Reducing losses and improving stability leading to improved animal performance.

  • Rapid pH drop
  • Maximise energy retention
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Maximise protein quality
  • Inhibit spoilage organisms

F1 Sprint contains selective strains which produce a powerful enzyme to release the potential of your grass.

  • Increase sugar production as required.
  • Will only be triggered as required unlike conventional enzyme products.

This is highly efficient as the enzyme is only produced as required in the silage clamp.

F1 Sprint is formulated with TPT to ensure that the maximum amount of natural protein is retained in the silage. In trials 17% more true protein was preserved by F1 Sprint. The increased level of true protein reduces the cost of bought feed especially a high quality protein source.

As true protein is broken down in the fermentation it becomes unbound amino acids and finally ammonia.

The increased level of ammonia reduces intakes and increases pH which in turn reduces sugar level as energy is required to control the pH. TPT reduces the breakdown of true protein to maximise animal performance and reduce losses within the clamp.

The TPT effect is to increase intakes of higher true protein silage whilst minimising losses.

F1 Sprint contains variable volume application technology. This allows the product to be applied at a variable rate to suit all applicators.