F1 Evo treated silage samples show a major advantage over the national average figures.

A significant number of 198 samples were compared to the national average figures.

The figures show much improved potential for production when compared.

  • 20% less VFA. These spoilage acids represent a waste of nutrient potential to the cow and invariably result in reduced intakes and production.
  • 3.5% improvement in intake potential equates to @ .05KG Dry matter per cow per day.
  • 0.2 MJ per Kg DM improvement in energy which on a typical 13 Kg DM intake is 2.6 MJ worth 0.5 litre per cow per day.
    This equates to 100 litres per day or 3000 litres per month on a 200-cow herd.
    Worth £840 per month or £5040 in a typical 6-month winter feeding period.
  • 2.6 MJ is also worth @ 0.1 KG DLWG per day when combined with improved intake potential and rumen function.
  • A 0.2 % improvement in Crude protein may not sound like much but when combined with a 10% reduction in ammonia nitrogen and an improvement in B fraction protein shows a significant benefit from preservation of True Protein (TPT).
  • The 10 % reduction in acid loading significantly improves rumen function and Microbial Crude Protein (MCP) yield. This extra performance whilst not quantified will also improve production by improving milk yield and quality and potentially allowing for less inclusion of ingredients like Soya Bean meal.

When everything is considered a conservative assessment would indicate that the extra value represented by the treatment of the forage with F1 Evo will make a very significant return over the investment.

 TBA Samples National Average
 MinimumAverageMaximum MinimumAverageMaximum
Dry Matter17.637.067.4 12.635.692.6
Protein7.913.923.4 4.713.726.4
D Value58.068.075.8
ME9.310.912.1 8.610.712.2
Ammonia – N0.33.08.0 0.23.348.2
Sugars0.22.67.8 0.22.511.1
NDF37.045.656.8 32.946.973.8
ADF25.230.438.1 21.530.647.9
Oil B2.24.15.6
CP S0.360.580.66 0.360.590.66
CP A0.640.680.69 0.640.680.69
CP B0.230.250.26
CP C0.0650.0790.084 0.0650.0790.084
DM S0.000.290.31
DM A0.310.320.34 0.310.320.34
DM B0.510.640.69 0.430.620.69
DM C0.0360.0370.038 0.0340.0370.038
MPB16.531.590.6 12.130.4102.5
MPN56.795.6173.7 32.494.0196.2
MPE56.586.6137.1 50.983.3157.9
Lactic Acid9.762.8146.5 2.061.6205.3
FiM Intake71.4106.1148.9 37.0102.6224.7
RSV236.0285.9358.9 181.0290.2467.3
PAL384.2678.61028.3 102.2712.11430.3
ADL16.437.474.3 10.038.0126.4
FIBRE19.625.932.9 15.126.545.0
Number of samples198 39066
Period of report01/06/2020 – 28/02/2021