What is Sil-All 4X4+ FVA?

Sil-All 4X4+ FVA is flexible volume application product delivering one million bacteria per gram of forage along with an enzyme package.

Key Benefits

  • Fast Fermentation
  • Aerobic stability with propionic acid bacteria
  • Protection at feed out
  • Spoilage control
  • Ease of application

Faster Fermentation for a Better Preservation

  • Faster Fermentation
  • Fewer Losses
  • Higher Feed Intake
  • More Milk From Forage
  • Aerobic Stability

Less Nutritional Spoilage to Maximise Production Potential

  • The Sil-All 4X4 + FVA homolactic fermentation converts sugar directly to lactic acid & minimises DM loss.
  • Fermentation is dominated by desirable lactic acid, producing highly palatable & nutritious silage.
  • Trials show 1 extra litre per cow per day when using Sil-All 4×4+ FVA.

How to Apply

  • Add clean lukewarm water into the powder and mix into a solution and apply to the forage at a rate of 50ml to 2l per tonne of fresh forage depending on applicator.