Forage and Markets – October 2020


With grass growth slowing down due to the time of year and low soil moisture levels. Quality will start to fall away with reduction in protein and sugar as day length shortens and temp starts to fall. People looking to take the final cut of silage this year the more important a quality additive such as F1Evo silage additive is to produce quality forage and to reduce dry matter losses, protein and heating.

Old pastures with weed grasses in them may be seeing high levels of rust in them. The grass yellows and has rusty spots making wellies rusty orange when walking through. Rust makes the pasture very unpalatable and reduces DMI markedly. It also causes irritation to the airways in cattle grazing contaminated pasture.

For those that are in the south Maize harvest is well under way, and the use of a quality additive especially designed for forage maize such as F1 Ice Gold to reduce dry matter losses, reduce heating and waste inclamp and at feedout.

Forage Market Report October 2020

After Maize catch crops such as Forage Rye and Westerwold with Itl Ryegrass mixes to stop nutrient loss and soil erosion.



Sterling has fallen against the $ and gained on the Euro
£/€ 1.092 £/$ 1.276


Soyameal prices have increased £40/ton with £14/ton due to currency changes.
China is buying vast volumes of meal with the aim of building its pig herd.


The markets have being moving up in line with Soya as the poor harvest in Europe and also the reduction in harvest in Canada.


Wheat prices have stabled ex-farm with the price difference between barley at £42/ton.

Ex-farm grain prices

Oct Nov May 21
Wheat £174 £174 £178
Barley £130 £132 £138
OSR £352