TBA Ltd is a specialist independent supply company, established in 1995. Based near Dorchester, Dorset we operate mainly in the South of England but will proudly supply across the UK.We pride ourselves on offering the latest nutritional advice and technology to meet the demands of the modern UK dairy market, specialising in TMR feeding (Total Mixed Rations) for the Dairy and Livestock Industry.

TBA and Lakeland-Scottish Feeds & Services are joint authors of The F1 Blueprint for Dairy TMR Management and youngstock. This welfare-friendly, no compromise approach to exploiting modern genetic potential is designed to generate maximum output and profit from today’s UK dairy and livestock farms.

TBA Ltd Stores

We continually strive to modify and update the Blueprints as new science and research become available.  As a result we have designed a full range of top quality supplements and feeds to augment the blueprint requirements.  These products truly represent a no corners cut approach to feeding livestock.  We believe that only this approach reflects true value for money.


Is to assist farmers in achieving optimum yields and profits using their home grown forages and feed crops and then balancing them with the best proteins, energy, fibre and supplements available to achieve their target output.

TBA Supply:

  • Blends/ Straights/ Moist Feeds.
  • Compound Feeds.
  • Protected Proteins.
  • Performance Feed Supplements.
  • Minerals.
  • Liquid Feed.
  • Calf Milk Replacers.
  • Silage additives and preservatives.
  • Grass and Clover Seed Mixtures.
  • Cereal and Maize Seeds.
  • Hygiene Products.


Trevor Birchall

Managing Director

Trevor has been working in the livestock industry for over 40 years. Starting his career with Shearing and Loader ltd, then BOCM Silcock before becoming one of the founder members of Pen Mill Feeds in Somerset. Trevor founded TBA in 1995 following the introduction of TMR feeding to the UK industry and has grown the company into the successful technical and merchant company that you find today. Trevor is seldom found in the office, as one of the most enthusiastic people in the feed industry, Trevor travels across the UK rationing dairy cows with a real passion for intensive dairy production.

Email: trevor@tbagri.co.uk

Michael Hobden

Somerset, East Devon and Commodity Trader

Originally from Mid – Dorset, Mike has been with TBA for over 15 years. Mike has vast experience in the ruminant supply industry which has led to him forming a loyal customer base in Somerset and the surrounding areas. Mike takes a particular interest in seeds and fertiliser, when not out on the road Mike can be found commodity trading from the office.

Email: mike@tbagri.co.uk

Andrew Haggerty

Dorset, East Devon and Organics

Andy comes from an extended farming family in Dorset and Somerset. A graduate of the Royal Agricultural College and Harper Adams University. Andy has been working in the UK Agricultural industry for 10 years, with previous practical and commercial experience. Andy has a devotion for organic dairy farming and implementing technology within dairy cow rationing.

Email: andy@tbagri.co.uk

Robert J W Field

Devon and Cornwall

Robert joined TBA in October 2019 after 35 years of practical dairy management. Robert started milking cows and progressed into farm management. For 23 years Robert was in charge of a high yielding dairy herd with cows under grazing management. Robert has also represented the farmers of Dorset, Devon and Hampshire area in the Dairy Crest Direct forum and also the Milk Direct DPO with Muller Milk.

Robert has a passion to feed dairy cows, so they reach their potential bearing in mind the system of management.

Email: rob@tbagri.co.uk

Vanessa Birchall


Vanessa founded TBA alongside Trevor in 1995. Vanessa handles all the accounts for TBA and can be found in the office dealing with suppliers and customer accounts.

Email: vanessa@tbagri.co.uk

Edwyna Burns

Office Manager

Edwyna has been with TBA since 1996. Edwyna handles all the enquiries and orders for the company. Enjoying a close relationship with our customers, Edwyna will be often be found on the phone looking after everyone and ensuring nothing is forgotten.

Email: edwyna@tbagri.co.uk