3 May 2020

Transition Management System (TMS)

Transition Management System (TMS)
How Much Is Your Transition Programme Costing You?

The Benefits Of Using TMS

Monthly farm visit Independent transition cow assessment.
Identifies issues.
Monthly report to farm and nutritionist.
Financial model Shows actual cost of metabolic issues & transition.
Identifies hidden costs to help management decisions.
Fertility risk protector Accurately predicts each cow’s chance of getting in calf by 100 and 150 days.
Target treatment to individual cows, reducing medicine usage.
Cow comfort model Assessment of cow comfort & where to make improvements.
Tracking to see impact of changes made on farm.

Transition Management System, Engineered By Premier Nutrition

The transition period is widely known to be them most stressful in a cow’s lactation cycle and successful transition can be the difference between a profitable, sustainable and a failing, unsustainable one.

Premier Nutrition’s Transition Management System (TMS) has been developed to help you analyse your farm’s transition cows, providing detailed data on dry and fresh cows, enabling you to make informed decisions and management changes to deal with issues around this vital period.

If you want to increase the profitability of your business through the reduction of transition costs, you should be using TMS – speak to us today for more information.

Did You Know?

These are the average costs per case for transition problems that could be occurring on your farm:

LDA £388
Milk fever £355
RFM £456
Apparent Ketosis £200
True Ketosis £572
Acidosis £30
Mastitis £343
Fatality £2592
Planned cull £1520
Digital dermatitis £301
Sole ulcer £498

What Happens If I Sign Up?

Firstly, it’s free to join – we just need to know your farm details and your nutritionist adviser.

Our TMS assessor will visit your farm every month and record the data shown in the table below.

The data is entered and each parameter is assigned a score, based on percentage maximum, which in turn gives the farm a total score. The data is split down into fresh cow, dry cow and milk data scores allowing you to really drill down into which part of the process is affecting you the most.

You will receive your monthly TMS score/report via email, with a copy to your nutritionist, to enable you to review results and plan any nutrition and management changes as required. The financial model, fertility risk protector and cow comfort model built into TMS is really helping farmers make a difference to their transition programme.

Monthly TMS Reviews

Fresh cows

Body condition score

Rumen fill

Hock hygiene


Metabolic issues

Dry cows

Body condition score

Rumen fill


Farm Data

Number of cows leaving the herd before 100 days

Milk records for individual cows to predict potential metabolic issues