Forage & Markets Update


The main controlling factor at the moment is low rainfall but it looks like this may change this week with rain forecasted and a more unsettled weather period for the next 7-10 days.

April 2020 Forage Update



Continues to be on a one way journey down losing £60/t in the last 3wks.

Rape meal

Markets are stagnant but with low oil demand and crushers not operating has held the prices high.


In short supply as the demand for Ethanol has crashed majority of the plants in the US are at a standstill.


  • Wheat, slight movement up @ £160/t Nov ex farm with a large differential against barley @ £30/t Nov.
  • Rain being a controlling factor for recently planted and struggling crops.
  • Russia has band large volume wheat exports as it does not want to be left short.
  • Biscuit meal up slightly on the back of wheat.

Ex-Farm                 Spot               Harvest              Nov                

Feed Wheat        £150                 £152                 £162

Feed Barley        £127                 £125                 £132 

OSR                      £307                 £311                 £317


Still looking at price rises for the summer.