8 September 2020


Boost your energy with Organilac!

Organilac is a rumen protected fat and energy rich supplement to help return the cow to a positive energy balance post-calving.

This in turn supports the cow for a successful lactation cycle.

Feeding Organilac has a positive effect on:

  • Performance
  • Fertility
  • Profitability

A dairy cow’s feed intake is reduced during the transition period, resulting in a negative energy gap during early lactation. As such it is important that we maximise the nutrients available from the cow’s diet to return her to a positive energy status, resulting in improved yields, fertility and cow health.

Organilac can be fed within a TMR or via compound and blended feed.

This increase in diet energy density will benefit the cows and farmers:

  • Increased milk yields and qualities.
  • Improves bulling response and conception rates.
  • High energy will balance poorer forages.
  • Improves cow health.